Geometric Art History

Geometric Art & Design History | Geometric Prints

Geometric Prints   In terms of geometric prints I'm writing this article to give a very brief introduction to some of the history of geometric art, design and its antiquity. To write thoroughly an exhaustive 1,000+ page book could be written about the very large amount of artists, geometric art influences and large body of work pertaining to this topic. I'm by no means an expert and I'm influenced in my own work by geometry, geometric art & design and fascinated by its creation throughout cultural history spanning thousands of years. To understand geometry applied to art, architecture, design, computer science, mosaics, fashion patterns (textiles) and...

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How To Frame Prints

How To Frame Prints | Framing Ideas & Materials For Prints

Designer Prints How to Frame Prints? Framing Art Prints: There are many different types of frames to choose from. Whether it’s a Gallery Frame, Modern, Floating, Deep Set, Canvas, Box or Tabletop Frame – your frame should complement the subject and draw your eye to the print’s focal point. Before we get into the colour of your frame, it’s time to consider the framing materials. Acrylic vs Glass When it comes to framing and glazing, it can be hard to know whether acrylic or glass is the better choice. While it often comes down to personal preference on the look of the frame and...

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How to Preserve Wall Art Prints?

How to Preserve Wall Art

Art Prints   How to Preserve Wall Art: Whether you’re a collector or wanting to learn how to preserve a favourite piece, knowing how to look after them will help keep them looking great for longer. Reduce Exposure to Light As we mentioned above, over time UV light will damage the print and cause it to fade and deteriorate. While it makes sense to avoid hanging your print somewhere where it’ll be exposed to direct sunlight, you should know that even ambient light from the sun and artificial light from indoor bulbs can also cause fading. Of course, it’s impossible...

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How To Select Wall Art?

How To Select Wall Art? The Perfect Piece

Modern Prints If you’re looking for a statement piece for your wall without having to invest thousands of dollars in an original painting, then a quality art print is a great choice. However, there are many different types of prints. Printing is more than just a reproduction service, and for those who are unaware of what to look out for, the choice can quickly become overwhelming. In this article, you’ll learn what there is to know about selecting & buying prints, so you can choose one that will make the biggest impact in your space. How to Select Wall Art? There are...

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