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Famous Print Designers Kamekura
Designer: Yusaku Kamerkura / Japan (1915 - 1997)
Title: Lighting Competition Entry
Year: 1968 
Campaign: Yamagiwa International Lighting Fixtures Competition
Type: Offset Lithograph
Malika Favre - Seaside Gossip
Designer / Illustrative Artist: Malika Favre / France (1982) Active Barcelona, Spain - London, England
Title: Seaside Gossip
Type: Limited Edition Screenprint
 Paula Scher Hamlet
Designer: Paula Scher / America (1948)
Title: Public Theater's productions of Hamlet and Hair
Campaign: The Public Theater
Year: 2008
Type: Digital Print
LIGHT / YEARS Michael Bierut
Designer: Michael Bierut / America (1957)
Campaign: Architectural League of New York
Year: 1999
Type: Offset Lithograph
Malcom Grear - Guggenheim Museum
Designer: Malcolm Grear / America (1931 - 2016)
Title: The Guggenheim Museum
Campaign: The Guggenheim 
Year: 1969
Type: Lithograph
Midnight Cowboy - famous print
Designer: Waldermar Swieezt / Poland (1931 - 2013)
Title: Midnight Cowboy
Campaign: Midnight Cowboy / Film
Year: 1969
Type: Offset Lithograph
Franette Meilllier
Designer: Fanette Mellier / France (1977)
Title: Specimen 2008
Year: 2008
Type: Offset Lithograph
Ken White - Colour Blind - IBM
Designer: Ken White / America (1935- 1985)
Title: Equal Opportunity 
Campaign:  IBM / Colour Blind & Accessibility
Year: 1977
Type: Screen Print
 Game of Thrones
Designer: Albert Exergian / Austria (1973)
Title: Game of Thrones 
Campaign:  TV Series
Year: 2011
Type: Digital Print
Phillippe Apeloig - Noises Of The World
Designer: Phillippe Apeloig / France (1962)
Title: Noises Of The World / Bruits Du Monde
Year: 2012
Campaign:  Cité du Livre / Book Fair
Type: Screenprint
Shiro Shita Saori - LIFE
Designer: Shiro Shita Saori (Japan)
Title: LIFE
Campaign:  Numazu Deep Sea Aquarium 
Year 1990
Type: Digital Print
Hope Shepard Fairey
Designer: Shepard Fairey / America (1970)
Title: Barak Obama “Hope”
Year:  2008
Campaign:  Political Print / Poster
Type: Digital Print
Shepard Fairey (Founder of OBEY)
Saul Bass Vertigo
Designer: Saul Bass / America (1920 – 1996)
Title: Vertigo 
Campaign: Alfred Hitchcock  Film / Movie
Year: 1958
Type: Lithograph
Ralph Schraivogel - Paul Newman 
Designer: Ralph Schraivogel / Switzerland (1960)
Title: Paul Newman / Actor, Director, Racing Car Driver & Philanthropist
Year: 2001
Campaign: Filmpodium Zurich
Type: Offset Lithograph
Neville Brody - Thom Yorke
Designer & Typographer : Neville Brody (England)
Title: Thom Yorke / Thomas Edward Yorke (Radiohead & Thom Yorke)
Year: 2013
Campaign: The Face Magazine
Type: Offset Lithograph


  Protect The Child
Designer: Josef Müller-Brockmann / Switzerland  (1914 - 1996)
Title: Protect The Child!
Year: 1953
Campaign: Swiss Automobile Club 
Type: Offset Lithograph
Famous print designers - Lou Reed - Stefan Sagmeister Graphic Designer Timothy Greenfield Sanders Photography
Designer: Stefan Sagmeister / Austria / (1962) Active U.S.A 
Title: Lou Reed
Type: Poster/Print
Year 1996
Eye Bee M Paul Rand
Designer: Paul Rand / America (1914 - 1996) 
Title: Eye Bee M
Year: 1981
Campaign: IBM Posters
Type: Offset Lithograph
Dylan Milton Glaser
Designer: Milton Glaser
Title: Dylan
Year: 1966
Type: Offset Lithograph
John Lennon Richard Avedon
Portrait Photographer: Richard Avedon / America (1923 - 2004) / Worked Closely With Paula Scher
Title: John Lennon
Year: 1967
Type: Offset Lithograph


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